Tuesday 22 January 2013

Guest Blogger: Chris Lloyd's experience of the Naunton 19 in new tights

As you'll be aware, some of the Cotswold Running ambassadors are trail testing some kit from Thoosa Running Wear.  Chris Lloyd tried something that all good advisors will tell you not to do - she raced for over 3 hours in a pair of tights straight out of the box (well, bag, really).  Chris, in my experience of running with her for a few years now, can be a bit picky about her gear.  So, what did she think?  Read her report below!

Report from a Thoosa Mover!

Hi everyone, this is my first gear review for Cotswold Running and Thoosa Running Wear.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I started running far too late in years in my opinion at the ripe old age of 36, which was 18 years ago, and sport has been a way of life ever since.  I am well and truly hooked and still as keen at the ripe old age of 54, and so far I’m very lucky to have been relatively injury free in all this time.    Apart from a venture into triathlon, I left road running behind 3 years ago when a friend tempted me over to fell running and off-road racing.  The so-called ‘darkside’ of running provided a new lease of life into what I now refer to as injury-prone road running.

Chris enjoying a rare dry patch and the warmth of her Thoosa Chill tights

I am so fortunate to have one of the most beautiful areas in the Country on my doorstep so every weekend is spent in running with my partner and hound, a cocker spaniel called Idris, out on this wonderful land of ours.  Come December every year, my partner and I plan our races in the following year.  The eagerly awaited Fell Running Calendar and the Cotswold Running website influence our new year’s planning to a large extent.  As a Cotswold Running ambassador, I’ve been given a chance to test some Thoosa apparel on the trails.  The Naunton 19 was my first time in this great gear.  Normally, it is very ill-advised to race in kit that you’ve never worn before.  However, you might have guessed by now that I have the attitude that rules are only there to be broken.  The week prior to Naunton 19 had been typically wet along with the rest of 2012 and into 2013.   I had decided prior to the race that I was going to wear Swift Capris, compression calf-skins, woolly socks for padding, a thermal long sleeve and a Cotswold Running technical T-Shirt.  However, the night before the race the temperatures plummeted to -4 and on race day, temperatures of -2.5 °C were recorded.  A change of plan in attire was needed.  I changed out of the capris and wore the Thoosa Chill tights over compression calf-skins - an ideal combination on a day with 3 cold, wet fords.  The long tights were perfect; they have a silky feel on the outside but have a brushed lining making them very comfortable.  They came straight out of the box and into a 3+ hour trail race without any discomfort.  We’ll see how they stand up to some more abuse, so watch this space as you will see the Thoosa on an old bird out on the Donnington Way.

Happy legs, happy runner

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