Saturday 17 April 2010

Trails and Pubs

I've been a runner nearly all my life, but I only discovered the joy of trail running about two years ago. Most, if not all, off-road runners are happy to wax lyrical about the joy of being a part of the scenery, instead of just looking at it. In my little part of the world, nearly as many of us are also likely to mention our favourite runs relative to the best hills, but also to the best post-run watering holes.

(local foal curious to learn more about running free in the hills)

You see, the northern Cotswolds are full of chocolate-box villages, most with a friendly pub that thrives on the passing trade of ramblers and fair-weather walkers. They tend to have a small, but enjoyable, selection of cask-conditioned ales, which is great if I'm not destined for the driver's seat. As a result, if I am struggling to decide where to go for my weekend jaunt, I decide where I want to settle down for a pint afterwards - a good beer garden if it's sunny, a nice open fire if there's snow. After that, it's just a case of choosing how long I spend in the hills before I hit the pub.

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